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Just this past weekend, Retro Studios updated their social media banners with a brand new piece of Metroid Prime artwork featuring Samus in what looked like a new iteration of her Varia Suit. While Metroid fans were of course all sure that the updated artwork banner was connected to the in-development Metroid Prime 4, a new advertisement found on Artstation’s website makes a clear confirmation of the connection.



As can be seen in Reddit user Not-NedFlanders’ post regarding the Artstation advertisement, the Metroid Prime 4 artwork Retro Studios posted on Saturday receives a close-up animation with atmospheric effects in Nintendo’s advertisement.

Does the advertisement confirm that Samus is in a new version of her iconic Varia Suit? No, but we can all speculate with finally something as we wait for any footage of Metroid Prime 4 to be revealed in the future.

While the advertisements do point to the fact that Metroid Prime is clearly in development, fans should not be taking the hiring post out of context as a sign that the game is years to come. This past year, Retro Studios has been on a hiring spree for new staff members working in all sorts of roles including art and level design.

When more news in regards to the Metroid series and Metroid Prime 4 are unveiled, you can count on us to let you all know!

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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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