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Today, Retro Studios posted on social media an important job listing for their long-anticipated future project Metroid Prime 4. The role in question they are seeking is a lead producer, a critical player in game development that forecasts production timelines, studio communication, and partnerships. Unlike previous job listings from both Nintendo and Retro Studios, this particular post specifically directly mentions the title being developed. While the tweet below certainly looks promising as Retro pairs its company logo with Samus Aran herself in a new piece of edited artwork, fans should not get to rallied up just yet.


While fans will definitely be quick to jump with excitement about the news, the job listing Retro Studios posted about was first listed on their careers website page as early as May 11, 2020. It sadly does not show any development progress signs for the title — it may only point to the fact that the game is way behind a release date anyone could predict. The listing is still calling for an individual who has over ten years of experience in game lead development, strong communications skills, soft-skills, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and much more.

Previously, Nintendo made a public statement apologizing for Metroid Prime 4’s development as they had made the difficult decision to start from scratch due to both the developer and parent company being unsatisfied with what was at the time their current progress. For any news on Metroid Prime 4, we will be sure to keep you all updated, but it looks like we are still going to be waiting quite some time. If you happen to be a game developer actually interested in the tremendous role, you can visit Retro Studios’ career page.


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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