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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s poison water, a hazard that was seemingly in development but did not make it into the final game, may not be anything new to die-hard followers of the game. However, thanks to skilled modder Waikuteru, we now get to see the full consequences of the toxic substance when added to the game, and they are very interesting indeed.

According to Waikuteru’s latest video, the poison water deals damage to both Link and his enemies, though the damage intervals vary depending on what is touching it. For example, Link will lose half a heart every half a second, and a Red Bokoblin will lose 1.25 hearts every two seconds. The usual water physics apply and Link can still traverse across it with rafts, though Cryonis can not be used.



After a quick demonstration, Waikuteru takes things up a notch and floods the entirety of Hyrule with the poison water. Guardians appear to become more aggressive, and when an NPC riding a horse is seen carelessly traipsing into the purple goop, it causes both the traveller and the horse to disappear. Even the mighty Hinoxes aren’t safe, with one of the towering beasts seen succumbing to the noxious liquid.

With much of Hyrule contaminated by the Calamity, poison water certainly makes sense in Breath of the Wild’s universe. Perhaps we’ll see the feature make an official appearance in the upcoming sequel when it launches next year.


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Written by Reece Heather

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