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As promised, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is getting a free update! Announced prior to the game’s release, Capcom planned for five free updates spread across July to October. The first brought Monster Hunter Rise’s Palamute into the game as a Monstie. Now that we’re nearly a month out from the game’s launch, this time we’ll see two new Monsties (Hellblade Glavenus and Boltreaver Astalos) and a new co-op exclusive monster (Kulve Taroth) beginning on Thursday, August 5th. Watch them in action!



Along with the new Monsties and Kulve Taroth, the following quests associated with them (and a special delivery quest) be added:

  • Co-Op ★8: (Time) The Goddess of Gold
  • Co-Op ★8: (Explore) Fire Eggs
  • Co-Op ★8: (Explore) Thunder Eggs
  • Delivery ★4: (Special) Dealin’ for Dunkers


The trailer also lists seven new quests that will be added to the game on Thursday, August 19th:

  • Co-Op ★9: (Slay) Hellblade Glavenus
  • Co-Op ★9: (Slay) Boltreaver Astalos
  • Co-Op ★8: (Turn) Glavenus
  • Co-Op ★8: (Turn) Astalos
  • Subquest ★8: Psychoblaze Black Night
  • Subquest ★8: Lightning Revolt
  • Delivery ★8: (Special) Tantalizing Toe Beans


More free updates will be coming to Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin in September and October, so keep training your Monsties and get ready for even more difficult hunts!




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Written by Jennifer Burch

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