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Worthy of its very own Splatfest, Nintendo Tokyo’s newest Splatoon merch collection is all about the series’ Squids and Octos. It’s also extremely fresh, eye-catching, “Woomy!”, and making the Splatoon fandom outside of Japan extremely jealous of this exclusive collection.

Dubbed “SQUID or OCTO Splatoon”, the collection consists of gear that Inklings and Octolings would need for a special Splatfest and some general items for around the house. Keychains, woven button-up shirts, indoor slippers, a blanket, a pennant flag, a tissue box cover, clear files, drink glasses, coasters, a storage box that looks like a shoebox – it’s all here!




Sadly, like the wonderful Korok Collection and mini-figures of the store’s displays, the entire lineup is limited to Nintendo Tokyo and Nintendo’s online store. Some special Nintendo Tokyo pop-up stores in Japan will have some of the items (blind box keychains and woven button-up tops), but for anyone living outside of Japan, it’ll be tricky. Some items have already started to sell out, so if you wanted to import any of these via a proxy seller, now would be the time.

You can view the entire collection below as well as pursue it for yourself via Nintendo’s online store.



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Written by Jennifer Burch

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