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We’ve seen a pretty great lineup of Pokémon ambassadors in Japan over the years. From Geodude, to Slowpoke, to Sandshrew — they’ve all made an impact in the country for a variety of events. The newest ambassador appointee will once again serve a great purpose in true Pokémon theme and fashion: Vaporeon will be given the role of support ambassador come this August 1st when Water Day begins!



The Japanese government has deemed the first few days of August as Water Week due to this time of the year marking the hottest period in Japan. Raising awareness of water’s role in life is meant to deepen the importance of how it’s used by people and nature, so it’s no surprise that a beloved Pokémon is given such a title to help promote the cause. After all, Vaporeon is the Eevee evolution Water-type who has captured the hearts of many around the world with its aquatic form and way of living. There’s no one better to represent honoring and advertising the important natural resource.

The Vaporeon mascot outfit will debut on Water Day, which officially kicks off on August 1st in Japan. The festivities will continue throughout the first week, with the last day taking place on August 7th. 


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Written by Lauren Ganos
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