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Japanese prefectures and locales have united with Pokémon to promote tourism many times in the past, but this has to be one of the quirkiest examples yet, as Kagawa Prefecture has made Slowpoke their ambassador and released a short promo involving… a group of high school girls looking for Slowpoke sightings.


The four minute skit video follows a group of girls searching some famous Kagawa Prefecture sights as they try to catch a glimpse of their beloved Slowpoke (called “Yadon” in Japanese), somehow juuuuust missing one each time it passes by their periphery. It’s a funky little promo very befitting a Pokémon as doofy as Slowpoke, and seeing someone waddle around in a Slowpoke costume is a very soothing experience regardless of language barrier.

We’ll be sure to provide any more details in regards to the ambassadorship as they become pertinent.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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