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Since its debut in 2018, the Nintendo Switch Online service has ever so slowly expanded with new experiences and titles to its growing retro games catalog. During Nintendo’s 81st Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa responded to a question regarding possibly adding a higher tier option to Switch Online’s services. The president had the following response to say.


“Nintendo started the Nintendo Switch Online service in September 2018 for Nintendo Switch users. People with memberships can play games with their friends online, such as titles like Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In addition, they can play some of the games that were released for the NES and the SNES. Membership in this service exceeded 26 million paying accounts in September of last year and is still growing steadily, in step with the increase in Nintendo Switch sales. For Nintendo Switch Online, it’s important not only to increase the number of new members, but also to encourage existing members to continue using the service, so we are working on increasing the appeal of the service to make it even more fun and convenient to play with Nintendo Switch.”


While 26 million Nintendo Switch Online Service members may seem small considering the console’s current total sales numbers, it’s important to note that this number is taking family plans into account — in other words, some users (like myself) might be paying for upwards of six users at a time thanks to Nintendo’s Family Membership deal.



At the same meeting, Nintendo had also commented on potentially expanding its lineup of Classic Mini consoles and retro Switch Online benefits. The latest addition to the Nintendo Switch Online Service’s lineup of exclusive experiences as of their 81st Annual General Meeting of Shareholders was the battle royale Pac-Man 99.

When more information regarding Nintendo’s Switch Online Service makes the rounds we’ll be sure to let you all know. Until then, let’s keep being vocal about a Game Boy and N64 online catalog service!


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

Ever since owning a cobalt blue Game Boy Advance, Nintendo is his preferred way of gaming. Marc is a journalist, creative writer, and video producer. While his focus may be on providing news, he spends his days preparing reviews for games of the present and past.