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We’re just over a week from E3, and as such, we’ve essentially entered the busy season for upcoming game and system leaks. The flavor of the month this year is the fabled Switch Pro (or Super Nintendo Switch, or Switch SP, or Switch U, or…). This allegedly more-powerful revision to Nintendo’s biggest success since the Wii has been spoken of for what feels like years now, with each major gaming expo and convention being the one they announce it at for sure

It seems like now may very well be the time, however, as yet another retailer has listed a new Switch model in their database. This time it’s French retailer Boulanger, who has listed a “Nintendo Switch Pro” for €399 (which converts to a whopping $487.29) within its system. The news was shared via Nintendalerts on Twitter in the tweet below:



This new potential leak adds on to last week’s report of a “New Nintendo Switch Pro” listing appearing on Amazon Mexico, alongside rumors of production having already begun on a new Switch model in parts of Asia. As always, rumors of any kind should be taken with a big ol’ grain of salt, and this particular listing could simply be reactionary on Boulanger’s part. Regardless of whether this listing was made off of official information or not, the fact remains that the rumors of a new Switch seem to be getting particularly hot as of late, and are definitely worth keeping an eye on. 

Here’s hoping Nintendo just comes out and announces the darn thing already, because these rumors are starting to feel uncomfortably similar to those of the seemingly nonexistent Switch port of the Metroid Prime Trilogy.


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Written by Marcus Ramirez

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