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We’re nearing the homestretch of the wait for Monster Hunter Rise. After this week’s trifecta of a new trailer for the game, and confirmation of the Monster Hunter Rise Switch and Pro Controllers coming stateside, Capcom has one more announcement for fans.

Another Monster Hunter Digital Event is on the way on March 8th, and if it’s anything like January 7th’s we’ll have plenty to look forward to. This was when the game’s demo was announced, along with reveals of new monsters and gameplay mechanics. Perhaps most significant, though, is it appears that Monster Hunter Stories 2 will be featured this time in some capacity.

The Digital Event isn’t the only upcoming Monster Hunter stream to look forward to, either. A day after the Digital Event, new gameplay will be shown along with hunting tutorials and a Q & A with Rise’s Director on March 9th. Then on March 11th, a community live stream will be held for what’s sure to be some happy hunting.

Be sure to Wirebug on over here for the Monster Hunter Digital Event on March 8th, starting at 6 a.m. PT.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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