Seeing another Square Enix character make their way into Smash wasn’t too big a surprise, but having it be Sephiroth caught fans completely off guard. Somehow they managed to one-up Cloud’s original reveal by practically reenacting scenes from Advent Children and bringing one of the most persistent and recognizable JRPG villains onto the roster.

As exciting it will be to cut through with the fallen hero’s Masamune, there’s something else to consider here – Nobuo Uematsu’s legendary music. When it comes to the Smash soundtrack, Final Fantasy is the most notable holdout. Only two songs from Final Fantasy VII, let alone the entire series, are available. You can bump that up by one if you count Cloud’s unique victory fanfare, but it’s still notoriously lacking.

It’s been stated that each DLC fighter will bring new music with them, and for what’s coming along with Sephiroth it’s likely best to keep expectations in check as far as arrangements go. Hero (Ultimate’s other SE DLC) brought eight songs total, all of them the original versions. That could be more to do with how Dragon Quest’s music is handled, but using it as a model we’ve poured over FFVII’s legendary soundtrack to pick out just a few hopefuls.

Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII


As the main theme of the entire game and one of the most recognizable pieces, it only makes sense as an addition to Smash. There’s even a bit of precedent here, as it was used in Cloud’s debut trailer. It’s not the most… “fightable” track, and if arrangements are going to be scarce that could hurt its chances. Still, where FFVII goes, this song follows.

Opening – Bombing Mission


On that same note, we have the song that actually broughts players into Final Fantasy VII. Arguably even more recognizable than the above for that distinction, its use could serve a second purpose. While all of a series’ music is usable on every stage from that series, this one would be more fitting for Midgar than Sephiroth’s accompanying stage and could let fans better relive those memories.



Sephiroth may be the antagonist, but Jenova is the main catalyst for Final Fantasy VII’s plot. This maternal entity is the root of many a problem, but it’s also thanks to them that we get this recurring boss theme. Even in its original form it would serve Smash well, and without getting into specifics has enough significance to Sephiroth himself to be highly fitting this time around.

Judgment Day


The new stage accompanying Sephiroth looks to be based on the Planet’s Core, found within Gaia’s Northern Cave. It served a similar purpose in Dissidia Final Fantasy, and will let you revisit FFVII’s endgame well. As such it’d be more than fitting to bring that area’s music back along with it. While it’s also on the softer side, there’s a certain quality to it (and some nods to Aerith’s Theme) that make it a solid pick – both in general and for a new arrangement.

The Highwind Takes to the Skies


It is a verifiable fact that airships are cool, according to the Final Fantasy series. Making an appearance in this new Planet Core stage is the Highwind, Cloud’s party’s own flying homebase. As this in and of itself is an arrangement of the Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII, there’s a chance we’ll only get one or the other. This’d be the more fitting of the two in terms of tempo and tying to the stage, but Smash is practically built on surprising fans at this point.



Final Fantasy VII is filled with memorable moments, but one that has endured in the public consciousness comes towards the end of the initial Midgar segment, where Cloud has to escape a Shinra pursuit on the trusty Hardy Daytona motorbike. This tune’s upbeat rhythm would suit Smash bouts well.

Medley de Chocobo


This might not as fitting for Midgar or the Planet’s Core, but Square Enix loves it some Chocobo. If you look at all of Final Fantasy, this theme has been redone in tons of genres, making it the perfect fit for a new take in Smash. If you wanted to keep things focused on FFVII, which seems to be this DLC’s MO, you could gather up all of that game’s renditions and form them into one Gyshal Green chomping medley.

One Winged Angel


You didn’t think we’d leave it off, did you? This song is synonymous with Sephiroth, with a version from Advent Children appearing in his reveal trailer. Whether we get that take, the original, or something entirely new for Smash; it’d be unthinkable that his motif wouldn’t join in him. If it’s despair you want, this song will provide.

BONUS – Tracks from the Compilation

If we are getting the Advent Children version of that iconic theme, there’s the chance we’ll see other tunes from the compilation make an appearance, as well. Here are some candidates:

Divinity II


Advent Children is filled with epic bouts and the Bahamut SIN fight is second only to Sephiroth’s in terms of sheer spectacle. Its choir and orchestral bombast would perfectly suit Sephiroth and the new stage, too.

Price of Freedom


As tempting as it would be to bring in the standard combat theme from prequel Crisis Core, complete with INITIATING COMBAT PHASE instead of the usual preamble, Price of Freedom is the defacto theme of Zack and would still hold up well in an all-out Smash Bros. brawl.

Stand Up!


Sakurai and his team already included Ring a Ding, so why not throw in this catchy tune from the Final Fantasy VII Remake’s iconic Honeybee Inn segment?

Be sure to catch Mr. Sakurai Presents Sephiroth this Thursday, December 17th, to see how right (or absolutely wrong) we were. The stream will begin at 2 pm PT.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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