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If the aftermath of the Great Calamity wasn’t enough for you in Breath of the Wild, YouTube user Drill Karamari has found a whole new way to bring chaos to Hyrule in a newly discovered glitch.

As Gaming Reinvented explains in their recent video, the “Hinox Curse” is a new, alternate method of achieving the effects of the previous “Lizalfos Curse” glitch, which was patched out by last year’s Labo VR software update. To pull it off, you’ll need to find a Hinox or a Stalnox (some of the largest enemies that wander around Hyrule). You’ll then need to push or “carry” the beast to a waterfall using Magnesis, as the video demonstrates. Once you’ve pushed it enough to force it through the waterfall, you can enjoy all sorts of physics-defying havoc.

Link will start running upside-down, horses will fly around, and Guardians will flip around, among many other strange effects documented in Gaming Reinvented’s article. Here’s a shrine spinning around, as though trapped in a vortex:

Not even cutscenes are safe:

As Gaming Reinvented’s video explains, there is a limitation to this glitch if you opt to use a Stalnox. These enemies will die at the in-game time of 5:15 a.m., at which point, the glitch will become undone and things will return to normal. If you want to play around with the glitch for as long as you like, using a Hinox is recommended.
It seems like a fairly simple glitch to pull off for such a crazy amount of chaos. Enjoy it while you can, before this one gets patched out too!

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Written by Reece Heather

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