The Splatocalypse is looming on the horizon, and while we’ve got no way of knowing how this battle of Chaos vs. Order will affect Splatoon’s world we do know a little more about where its cast’s loyalties lie — and why. Previously, we had the Squid Sisters share their preferences, but since then some familiar faces from behind the counters of Inkopolis Square have chimed in as well.

While players can’t choose this faction, we have Sheldon speaking up for a Neutral stance. Rather than bother with the ideological dilemmas, he just wants the ink to keep flying so he can keep crafting weapons. Murch and Spyke, on the other hand, are resting on opposite sides of that line. Murch is taking Order a little literally, but it fits with how he always has his eye on the prize. His mentor, Spyke, is instead aligned with Chaos, with his actions and motivations concealed as he watches everything unfold.



Mr. Grizz as even tuned in his take, lining up with Neutral, too. That said, it’s more out of indifference and a differing perspective. To him, everything goes back to the sea. Annie (and presumably Moe) are representing Chaos, albeit in her typically timid way. The ever-changing online order-scape suits her, unlike the more structured storefronts of Bisk and Crusty Sean. These two footwear fiends are all about Order, even if they’ve got tunnel vision on the subject of shoes.



Surprising no one, the free-wheeling Flow and her partner Craymond are riding the waves of the universe and representing Chaos. That energy attunement suits them, rather than the finely stitched perfection of Jelfonzo. He believes in the fundamentals and form of fashion, and thus has sided with Order to adhere to his passion for the craft. Alongside them, a surprising voice has risen up in support of Chaos. Trampling everything in their path, the Salmonids are a frenzy all their own and so their choice should come as no surprise.




We’re still waiting to hear from a few more characters, but otherwise the stage is set for the Final Fest to begin on July 18th.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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