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Which team are you siding with for Pokémon Sword & Shield? All three starters have just been announced, and each fighter is waiting for you to choose! Read below if you’re on board with Team Scorbunny. And check out our Team Grookey and Team Sobble articles if you want to check out the competition!

Another generation is upon us and warming our hearts right from the start is our new Fire-type starter, Scorbunny. Running onto the scene with energy to spare, it’s definitely the cheeriest of the three. A little boundless optimism is just what you need to perk you up on a long, region-wide journey — and this rabbit’s got it in spades!

With bright eyes shining and lucky feet thumping every step of the way, it’s your perfect companion while you journey through Galar. Sure, it might start up a few fires here and there, but that doesn’t come from a bad place. It’s just that pumped up to feel the wind in its ears, with exuberance and expression to perk you up quicker than any hot cup of coffee.

Maybe you want a Pokemon that sees the world creatively and maybe you want one that clearly needs some extra TLC to get through the journey, but right now I’m just thinking how downright fun it’ll be chasing Scorbunny as it frolics through the roads less traveled. Maybe he’ll be a little too sporty for my taste compared to the “he just needs a hug” appeal of Sobble, but at the end of your day, your starter’s your partner through and through — and Scorbunny’s the most kitted out to be a team player.

That’s my take, but there’s always two more choices. See what others are saying about Grookey and Sobble, and let us know what your favorite is! Be on the lookout for more Pokemon Sword & Shield news as we set out towards its release later this year.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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