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If you’re looking for an amazing multiplayer game, you should put the upcoming indie title Killer Queen Black on your radar. A new trailer released on the Nintendo of America Twitter gives a simple breakdown of how crazy the action can get.


First announced for Switch last year at E3 (but leaked beforehand), the Killer Queen Black is a console port of the hit indie arcade game Killer Queen. Only a handful of cabinets exist in the world, meaning this will be the first time most players will have experienced the game.

To put it simply, KQB involves two teams of four trying to win via one of three win conditions: Military, Economy, or… Snail. Military means killing the enemy Queen three times; Economy means bringing back a certain number of items that could also be used to upgrade a regular worker into a warrior; and the Snail victory involves riding a neutral snail into the enemy’s goal, which leaves the rider vulnerable.

I detailed my experience with the game and why it’s inclusion in the E3 leak made me believe its validity back when the game was unveiled.

Killer Queen Black is beyond fun, and although the tweet today did announce that the game has been pushed from Q1 2019 to Q3, it does promise 4v4 online battles, which is something to get excited over. Be sure to check out the trailer above and pick up the game later this year if you want an entertaining and unique evening with your friends.


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Written by Bryan Finch

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