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The Pokémon fanbase has stood strong over the past two decades. Given the vast worlds and creatures the series has produced, it isn’t surprising that fandom has crafted an abundance of fan art and fan fiction. When the first Detective Pikachu trailer dropped, longtime fans of the series started to publicly announce their roles in this new Pokémon film adventure. Notably, RJ Palmer, “The realistic Pokémon guy,” tweeted out his involvement during the concept phase.

Love for the fans and their creative endeavors hasn’t stopped. Last year, Talenthouse launched a challenged to all artists: create a piece of work centered around Detective Pikachu. Using the trailer as inspiration and incorporating the movie’s title, five artists would be picked to “potentially be featured across the film’s marketing campaign, including social accounts, print materials and merchandise.”

Just this morning, the winners were announced! Published on Talenthouse’s site and Twitter, you can view the winning entries below:


You can find more of Tuck Yin Foong’s work on his Instagram account.

Do you have a favorite piece? Want to see other entries that didn’t make it to the final five? If you have an account at Talenthouse (it’s free to sign up), you can view all pieces there. Want to stick to Twitter? You can check out the rest of Talenthouse’s Twitter account, and also search through #DetectivePikachu.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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