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It’s here at last, the final rundown of Mario Tennis Aces’ playable character types. We’ve already looked over the first two Treehouse Log posts, detailing All-Around and Technical types as well as Powerful and Defensive players. Now it’s time to lace up those shoes and practice your slice: Speedy and Tricky types are ready to show you what they got.

Fast and fancy footwork’s the name of the game for Speedy types. Toad and Yoshi have been Tennis mainstays for a while and they’re not about to start disappointing now. Yoshi’s even dusting off his Super Mario World wings by the look of things, no doubt for the game’s signature special shots. They’ll be able to zip to and fro like nobody else, though at the cost of power.

They sound like great picks for a more reactive playstyle, able to rush to the ball wherever it’s gone, before shifting gear into setting the pace with their ability to return shots rapidly. Just look out for stronger shots: the impact might make these guys flinch to the point of not being able to move again in time.

Last but not least is the Tricky type. Able to float off the court and curve their shots like nobody else, Boo and Rosalina are ready to keep you on your toes. Pending what shots you use, they can even take on angles other characters can’t even dream of, making them fun and unique both as players and opponents.

That said, they’re not perfect. The odd angles they send balls back in can lead to the returns being just as hard to reach. Plus they also suffer a bit in the power department, and take a practiced hand to accommodate their unique properties. But when the reward is being able to enjoy Boo’s trademark laugh, who can blame me for preferring this type?

That’s the last set of the game’s character types, though not the last of its characters. It’s been confirmed that more characters will be distributed via online tournaments and potentially other unlockable means. Look forward to more on those, and to Mario Tennis Aces coming to Switch on June 22nd.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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