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TowerFall’s creator, Matt Thorson of Matt Makes Games, is no stranger to the Switch. His other other title, adventurer-platformer Celeste, was a huge success on Nintendo’s newest system earlier this year, receiving high praises from fans and game outlets alike — including Matthew Weidner right here at Nintendo Wire. The “joyous journey brimming with heartfelt moments that will sink their heel hooks in you long after the closing credits roll” was only one of the many reasons why he and the rest of the world fell in love with the game.

There’s good news if you carry the same sentiment for Celeste, as Matt Makes Games has assured fans that popular action title TowerFall is still currently in the works for Nintendo Switch.


TowerFall is already available on a variety of platforms, including Ouya and PlayStation consoles, which is how it’s already garnered such a tight following. Unlike Celeste, which is a single-player adventure, TowerFall offers players a multiplayer experience where up to four players can entire combat through archery:

“It’s a local party game centering around hilarious, intense versus matches. The core mechanics are simple and accessible, but combat is fast and fierce. It’s best played competitively with friends, cross-legged on the floor within punching distance of each other.”

With the game already under development, we’re sure to receive news from Matt about the release in the near future. Stay tuned — we’ll keep you posted once he sends out more details about its arrival on Switch.


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Written by Lauren Ganos
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