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Last night the featured games for this year’s EVO fighting game tournament were revealed, and joining the lineup is the mashed up Arc System Works fighter announced at last year’s event, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. Of course, to be at the event that means the game needs to be released first — and now we know it’ll release in America on June 5th.

While I was among the crowd of cheering fans in Vegas when it was unveiled, my excitement for the game took a surprising swerve when the number of DLC characters was disclosed. 20 downloadable characters outside of the main cast is a hard punch to take, especially when some key favorites of mine haven’t been revealed. If I want to play my old favorites like Carl or Naoto, I’ll have to pay up. That’s assuming they’re even added in the first place.

For fans of RWBY in particular, this was particularly discouraging as it was announced Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long wouldn’t be in the starting lineup in the base game. But Arc Sys isn’t about to break up a team:

Not only is this the official announcement of Yang making the cut, but it’s been revealed the two of them will be completely free. That’s great news for RWBY fans, but it still doesn’t answer how much and who else the rest of the DLC will be. Hopefully we know sooner rather than later so I can get back aboard the hype train for its EVO 2018 appearance.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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