Image & Form and Zoink are joining forces! Well, sort of. Announced today, Thunderful is a LLC that will unite both studios.

Legally, what does this new limited liability company mean for Image & Form and Zoink? We take a look:

First, personal assets of those who are in charge of Image & Form and Zoink cannot be obtained in lawsuits against the company. Both companies will also be able to utilize pass through taxation — this allows business owners to file taxes concerning their business on their personal tax forms (in the United States), which then creates a lower tax rate regarding company profits. A LLC can have multiple owners, as long as the amount of equity that is needed to “buy in” is met. Finally, thanks to the formation of Thunderful, it may be easier in some aspects to raise funding or secure business deals.

This won’t affect Image & Form and Zoink negatively — it will allow each studio to work as it did before. Since it was mentioned in the press release that both have worked together in PR, marketing, intelligence, and publishing, the formation of the LLC will allow this close-knit work to continue.

What this does change is the addition of a third owner: Bergsala Holding. The company has previously worked with Image & Form and Zoink, as Bergsala Holding is the Nordic distributor of Nintendo products since 1981. It worked with Rising Star Games in the region as well.

Both Image & Form and Zoink will be moving to new offices soon. Their 2018 is already looking up with SteamWorld Dig coming out next month on the Nintendo Switch and Flipping Death landing on the console sometime this year.

Source: Image & Form/Zoink PR

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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