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Switch fans worried about Nintendo’s history of software droughts in the early days of the fledgling console’s life were able to rest a little easy today. Not without its fair share of surprises, today’s Nindies showcase event shed a beacon of light on some fantastic games heading to the swappable system in the near future.

One such announcement deserving of your attention was Flipping Death, Zoink Games’ spiritual successor to Stick It to the Man, coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.

In this quirky, Tim Burton-esque title, players explore the twisted, rich and colorful worlds of Flatwood Peaks and The Otherside – a realm inhabited by the undead – as Penny, a girl who accidentally ends up in the grim reaper’s robes while he takes a much needed vacation. The power of possession at her disposal, Penny learns she can control the still beating hearts of Flatwood Peaks’ residents – a key gameplay mechanic used to solve environmental puzzles and move the narrative forward. Be sure to check out the announcement trailer below:


Hungry for more dirt on Flipping Death? Nintendo Life recently sat down with Zoink CEO and Creative Director Klaus Lyngeled to discuss how the idea of this zany spiritual successor came together, the return of Ryan North (known for his work on Adventure Time and his own Dinosaur Comics) as co-writer and various other Switch tidbits.

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Written by Matthew Weidner

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