UPDATE (1/11/18): Developer Fabraz continues to tease fans with its upcoming Slime-san plush with new imagery. This time, the shared photo on Twitter reveals a whole box full of Slime-san and his bird friend (who come as a pair and are attached to one another) in full plush form.


From what we know, it looks like the duo will be for sale PAX South, which opens tomorrow, January 12th. At the moment, fans are clamoring for details about where and how to purchase the duo online — there’s no info regarding sales yet, but we’ll make sure to report back when we get word of it. Stay tuned!

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Written by Lauren Musni

UPDATE (1/9/18): Fabraz is back with another tease for all you Slime-san fans! In the developer’s latest tweet, we’re given second glimpse of the main character in plush form, this time with a focus on the slimeball’s feathered friend. Knowing the duo will continue their adventure together in the real world where they can adorn homes and offices alike is most definitely a treat!



Original article: Slime-san plush teased by game’s creator
Written by: Jennifer Burch

He’s an ooey-gooey green cutie — and Slime-san might even be cuter with what Fabrazz is planning for his next adventure!


The game is getting some much needed merchandise love by having its main character turned into a cuddly plush. Teased today on the Fabrazz Twitter account, we’re already looking forward to seeing this toy’s final form. Our crusher of pixels and speedrun MC here at Nintendo Wire, Matthew Weidner, will be more than happy to help start the countdown in waiting for this version of Slime-san.

Fabrazz will be attending PAX South next week and the team will have its own booth secured: Booth #10805. With the teases of this and promises of SpiritSphere DX being playable, we might get to see Slime-san in its entire plush form then.

Until then, feel free to send “Take my money!” GIFs to Fabrazz if you want Slime-san as part of your geeky goods collection.

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