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Start prepping your re-rolls again, the sporty brand, Takoroka, is showing off some fan favorites and new duds on the Japanese Splatoon Twitter account.


Takoroka Mesh is back. The hat is back and matches the returning Choco Layered LS perfectly! If you prefer visors, then it looks like Takoroka made one for Splatoon 2. Based on its appearances here, the base will be charcoal gray, and Takoroka’s branding and stitching may change color… or we’ll be dressing up our Inklings in pink and purple versions.

While not specifically tied to Takoroka, the Inkling Boy in the first image is also sporting a hair tie (tentacle tie?) that has it’s own pattern. We may have to wait until July to see what options there are, but that little touch is a nice upgrade from the first game!


Choco Layered LS and Slipstream United are the only tops from Splatoon showing up in these pictures. In fact, there’s only one other top these Inklings are modeling. Channeling the ‘90s, this vibrant purple, teal, magenta, yellow and white weather proof jacket is just missing a matching fanny pack.


Most of the shoes are returning — Crazy Arrows, Orange Arrows, White Arrows and LE Soccer Cleats. The plain old Soccer Cleats are missing from the images which is too bad as their colors are perfect for Salmon Run! There’s at least one new pair of kicks that’ll be available though. The new shoes are super fresh and will come in two varieties at least: yellow/black/red and white/gray/black/ice blue.

Just like last week when Inkline debuted, we don’t know if Takoroka’s perk rates will be the same this time around (favoring Special Charge Up and having Special Duration Up be the holy grail).

Are you excited with what’s coming back? Disappointed that your favorite top isn’t shown? Tell us about your favorite pieces from today’s announcement!

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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