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Today’s Splatoon 2 news on the official Japan Twitter account has taken a break from reporting on the Octarians. Instead, get your battle plans ready for full coin earning maximization and start planning if you need to re-roll anything from Inkline’s first wave of clothing for July 21st.

Bamboo Hat, Camping Hat, Lightweight Cap and Short Beanie are all returning with some extra touches. New colors, defined fabric texture, and a new “up arrow” clasp will be bringing a fresh new coat of “So fresh!” to these well loved hats.

As for tops, the Peaks Tee is back in blue, but not ivory. The Berry Ski Jacket is here to stay too. While the Olive Ski Jacket or the Mountain Vest isn’t returning (yet), a new unnamed jacket seems to have combined the two into a pretty cool puffy jacket.

Pro Trail Boots are back. Possibly Trail Boots as well, but their new color skin screams Salmon Run — Splatoon 2’s new game mode. Two new shoe designs are also shown and share a love of velcro. These running shoes and sandals seem to be popular in Splatoon 2’s version of the Chiba Prefecture, so the Inkline shoe family has finally expanded beyond boots.

No word yet on whether or not Inkline will keep its previous rates for gear buffs: 30% chance for Defense Up and 3% chance for Damage up. Do you have any favorite pieces from Inkline? Are you thrilled if they made the super jump to Splatoon 2? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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