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UPDATE: According the the website, the Mario + Rabbid art in question is indeed real. The company was even nice enough to share the full art that was passed along to it by a source. According to their source at Ubisoft, the game will be unveiled during E3 later next month. In the meantime, check out the art below!

File this one under “unconfirmed.” According to a post on the Smash Boards and brought to light by Twitter user @FatalFlowey, artwork for the upcoming Mario and Rabbids crossover has leaked. The image in question features a Rabbid dressed up as Princess Peach, snapping a selfie with a very sparkly mobile device.

Keep in mind that we have no way of independently verifying that this art is the real deal, but it certainly looks it. It also corroborates the information Kotaku reported three weeks ago, which stated that the game, titled Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, would feature four well known Mario characters alongside four Rabbids dressed up as Mario characters.

Stay tuned to Nintendo Wire for more details as they’re made available.

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Written by Jason Ganos

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