Two new color schemes arrive for the 2DS

Author: Lauren Ganos
Categories: 3DS, Merchandise, News

Nintendo’s bringing even more handheld goodness to the scene with two brand new 2DS color schemes. Replacing the once dominantly black systems are handhelds with primarily bright palettes. Gone are the days with the 2DS lacking color: blue and red now don the 2DS on both the front and the…

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Daily Deals: 10/3/16

Author: Jason Ganos

Rare amiibo Best Buy has opened pre-orders for many rare amiibo including Gold Mario, Lucina and Pit! Gold Mario Lucina Pit Samus Mega Man Sonic Ness Pokémon Sun and Moon | Z-Ring Accessory Pokémon Sun & Moon Limited Edition New 3DS XL ($199.99 at Amazon) (OUT OF STOCK) Pokémon Sun &…

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