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Are you ready for this, Eevee fans? We’re excited to report that the full set of promotional images for the Eevee and Colorful Friends Eeveelution boxes has been posted on Japan’s Pokémon Center site. Originally, we were only give a peek at the Eevee box, so finally seeing all of the sets together is a real treat for the eyes (and heart) after the initial hype. From Flareon, to Sylveon, to Espeon, every evolution of the adorable Pokémon is available for your viewing pleasure, all beautifully arranged in a truly charming fashion.

We’ve gathered all of the stock images for you, so get ready to be overwhelmed (in a fun way) with totes, apparel, plushes and more. Feast your eyes on the cutest product boxes to ever hit the Pokémon scene!

Every loot box is available for 26,535 yen (about $234 USD), which may seem a bit steep for some — but for that amount of cuteness bundled up in such a sweet way, it may be worth it for some of you die hard Eevee fans. And for those of you who can’t wait just another darn second (and have the option to import), you’re in luck! All the boxes are up for grabs starting May 13th, which is technically today in the US. Other Eevee and Colorful Friends products are hitting Pokémon Centers between now and May 20th.

For more information about the upcoming Eevee and Colorful Friends line in Japan’s Pokémon Centers, check out our original article below.

Original article: May 8, 2017

Make way for Eevee and all Eeveelutions! Beginning May 13th, they’ll be invading Pokémon Centers across the Japan. Merchandise, Pokémon distributions for Pokémon Sun & Moon, photo opportunities, giveaways and so much more!


Finally, Eevee and the rest of Eeveelutions are joining the Pokémon Dolls Plushes series (with a special guest appearance of Alola region starters as keychains). Hats, towels, pencil cases, pouches, bags, jackets… And just when you think the Pokémon Center has covered all the bases, Ditto decides to join the party! The Ditto transformation goods that have charmed us all will continue to make us smile with its Ditto x Eevee figure collection.

For convenience, each Pokémon is getting a massive “loot” box that’s curated with all the merchandise focused on them. So far, only Eevee’s box has been revealed in detail, with the following items included: t-shirt, jacket, hat, towel, tote bag, badge, pin trading card case, Eevee Pokémon Doll plushes (standard and small), clear file, memo pad and headbands.

This really could be the perfect gift for any fan. If only we could see the box featuring a different Pokémon return in the future — a Bulbasaur themed box of goodies is now at the top of my wish list!

In addition to merch, there are events taking place. From May 13th to June 23rd, there will be a special Pokémon Sun & Moon distribution. (There’s no word on movesets, levels and which Eeveelutions will be available yet though.) Paper headbands representing each character will be given out while supplies last.

On May 13th and May 20th, some items will be available on, but they’ll more than likely appear on the restricted shipping list (limiting international shoppers to secondhand sellers). All we can do is hope that this collection will be available on the United State’s Pokémon Center site and elsewhere later this year.

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