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The Phantom Thieves are off on their summer vacation sequel, and if you’re a fan you’ll definitely want to be along for the ride! Road trips can take a while though, so we’re here to give you the breakdown of where you’re going and how long it’ll take to see this one through to the end. 


How long does it take to beat Persona 5 Strikers? 



Based on our own hands on time, a playthrough of Persona 5 Strikers will likely take around 40 hours. This was with a decent mix of sidequests and no real, personal hurry and can likely be trimmed down to 35 hours if you’re avoiding extra objectives and experiences. On the flipside, if you want to grind out all your characters and fill the Persona Compendium, it can easily reach closer to the ~50-55 hour range.

We specifically list it as a range based on differing playstyles. If you want to take the time to pour over shop menus or make sure you have optimal Personas, that adds up! Likewise for if you’re eager to take in the sights of Persona 5 Strikers’ cross-country tour of Japan.


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