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The return of Pokémon Snap is here, and anyone familiar with the N64 original has got to be wondering: just how long is New Pokémon Snap? The first game was quite brief, featuring only 63 different Pokémon of the original 151. Now we’re at a franchise total of nearly 900, so it’s right to assume New Snap would be a more robust adventure.

Read on to learn how many hours it’ll take to finish New Pokémon Snap on the Nintendo Switch, how many areas you’ll be able to visit, and just how many pictures it’ll take to reach that photo finish. 


How long does it take to beat New Pokémon Snap?


A playthrough of New Pokémon Snap’s story will likely take you about 10 hours. This accounts for visiting each of its areas, leveling them up enough to continue progressing, photographing all the Illumina Pokémon, and getting to know everyone at LENS through the game’s cutscenes. 

When you start to factor in Requests and repeat trips to the Lental region’s various islands, as well as fully filling out the Photodex, that number climbs closer to about 15 hours. No matter your playstyle, you’re in for a much bigger game than its predecessor! 


GoalHow to CompleteAverage Time
Finish the StoryVisiting each of its the Lental region's areas, leveling them up enough to continue progressing, photographing all the Illumina Pokémon, and getting to know everyone at LENS through the game’s cutscenes. 10 Hours
100% Complete the GameComplete the story, finish all Requests, and fully fill out the Photodex.15 Hours


How many areas are in New Pokémon Snap?



Environments in New Pokémon Snap can be broken down in a couple ways. Unlike the first Snap, there are multiple islands to account for the different routes you’ll be taking the NEO-ONE on. Each of those islands then has its own courses, which can have day and night versions as well as alternate routes. 

In total, there are six islands in the Lental region. Across each of these you’ll be able to explore 11 different areas, and when you factor the day and night variants and or other unique sections like Illumina Spots, that amounts to 23 courses total in New Pokémon Snap!


How many pictures does it take to complete the New Pokémon Snap Photodex?


New Pokémon Snap features a grand total of 214 Pokémon. While you only need to get a single picture of a Pokémon to add it to your Photodex, a complete Photodex will have many more than that. As each Pokémon’s page is divided into four different stars based on behaviors, it’ll take at least 856 pictures to complete the Photodex!  

Keep in mind that number only accounts for Pokémon. Photos of environmental objects like the different Crystal Blooms or other unique features on a given course aren’t a part of that total, but do get included when it comes to progression in the game.


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