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After 22 years and few console generations, Pokémon Snap is getting a much loved and wanted sequel. With over 800 Pokémon spread across eight generations, this photo-snapping adventure has plenty of Pokémon to observe and photograph in the wild. Of course, you won’t find a complete Pokédex here. Instead, you’ll have the chance to fill up your Photodex with a curated selection of Pokémon from across all eight generations. Here, you’ll find a complete list of all the Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap including pictures, where they can be found, and in what forms.

Note: Due to the game recently launching, information such as route appearances and form variants (i.e.: Alolan, multiple forms, differences between gender) may be incomplete. This guide will be updated throughout the launch weekend.


How many Pokémon are in New Pokémon Snap?


There are 214 Pokémon to photograph in New Pokémon Snap, not including variants. There are no shiny versions of Pokémon in the game as of Version 1.1.


Generation I Pokémon

Bulbasaur,,, p106_00_1Forest, Belusylva Island (Illumina Spot)
Venusaur,,, p115_00_1Jungle (Day)
Charmander,,, p104_00_1Volcano
Charizard,,, p175_00_1Volcano
Squirtle,,, p102_00_1Beach (Day), Reef (Day), Reef (Evening), Undersea
Blastoise,,, p068_00_1Beach (Day), Reef (Evening)
Caterpie,,, p008_00_1Park (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Metapod,,, p013_00_1Jungle (Day), Jungle (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Pidgeot,,, p048_00_1Park (Day), Park (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Rattata,,, p143_00_1Research Camp
Arbok,,, p116_00_1Jungle (Day), Jungle (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Pikachu,,, p001_00_1Research Lab (Tutorial), Beach (Day), Beach (Night), Reef (Day), Research CampMale (♂) and Female (♀)
Raichu,,, p069_00_1Beach (Day), Beach (Night), Reef (Evening)Alolan only, Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Sandshrew,,, p117_00_1Sands (Night)
Sandslash,,, p144_00_1Snowfields (Day), Snowfields (Night)Alolan only
Clefairy,,, p176_00_1Cave
Vulpix,,, p145_00_1Snowfields (Day), Snowfields (Night)Alolan only
Ninetails,,, p024_00_1Forest, Belusylva Island (Illumina Spot)
Meowth,,, p146_00_1Research Camp
Machamp,,, p071_00_1Reef (Day)
Tentacruel,,, p177_00_1Undersea
Geodude,,, p179_00_1Cave
Graveler,,, p181_00_1Volcano
Dodrio,,, p007_00_1Park (Day), Park (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Dewgong,,, p147_00_1Snowfields (Day), Snowfields (Night)
Gengar,,, p184_00_1Cave
Onix,,, p049_00_1Sands (Day), Sands (Night)
Exeggutor,,, p050_00_1Beach (Day), Beach (Night)
Kangaskhan,,, p121_00_1Sands (Night)
Starmie,,, p185_00_1Undersea
Jynx,,, p148_00_1Snowfields (Night)
Pinsir,,, p004_00_1Park (Night), Sands (Day)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Magikarp,,, p015_00_1Park (Day), Park (Night), Jungle (Day), Jungle (Night), Beach (Night), Reef (Day), Undersea, Sands (Day), Sands (Night), Snowfields (Day), Forest, Belusylva Island (Illumina Spot), CaveMale (♂) and Female (♀)
Lapras,,, p009_00_1Reef (Day), Reef (Evening), Undersea
Eevee,,, p002_00_1Illumina Spot (Florio Nature Park), Research CampMale (♂) and Female (♀)
Vaporeon,,, p070_00_1Reef (Evening)
Jolteon,,, p067_00_1Cave
Flareon,,, p072_00_1Volcano
Aerodactyl,,, p035_00_1Volcano
Mew,,, p123_00_1Jungle (Day), Jungle (Night)


Generation II Pokémon

Meganium,,, p074_00_1Illumina Spot (Florio Nature Park)Illumina Pokémon, Male (♂) only
Typhlosion,,, p187_00_1Volcano
Furret,,, p149_00_1Snowfields (Day), Snowfields (Night)
Hoothoot,,, p076_00_1Park (Night), Illumina Spot (Florio Nature Park)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Ledian,,, p124_00_1Jungle (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Ariados,,, p105_00_1Jungle (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Crobat,,, p188_00_1Cave, Durice Island (Illumina Spot)
Chinchou,,, p191_00_1Undersea
Lanturn,,, p189_00_1Undersea
Pichu,,, p006_00_1Park (Day), Park (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Natu,,, p192_00_1Ruins, Aurus Island (Illumina Spot)
Bellossom,,, p052_00_1Beach (Day), Beach (Night)
Sudowoodo,,, p150_00_1Research Camp
Aipom,,, p011_00_1Jungle (Day)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Wooper,,, p018_00_1Jungle (Day), Jungle (Night)
Quagsire,,, p031_00_1Jungle (Day), Jungle (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Espeon,,, p077_00_1Forest, Belusylva Island (Illumina Spot)
Umbreon,,, p075_00_1Ruins, Aurus Island (Illumina Spot)
Murkrow,,, p078_00_1Park (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Steelix,,, p107_00_1Durice Island (Illumina Spot)Illumina Pokémon
Qwilfish,,, p193_00_1Undersea
Heracross,,, p003_00_1Park (Day), Park (Night)
Slugma,,, p039_00_1Volcano
Corsola,,, p079_00_1Beach (Day), Beach (Night), Reef (Day), Undersea
Octillery,,, p080_00_1Beach (Day), Beach (Night), Undersea
Delibird,,, p152_00_1Snowfields (Night)
Mantine,,, p041_00_1Reef (Day), Reef (Evening), Undersea
Skarmory,,, p153_00_1Snowfields (Day)
Houndoom,,, p194_00_1Ruins, Aurus Island (Illumina Spot)
Suicune,,, p154_00_1Snowfields (Night)
Tyranitar,,, p127_00_1Sands (Day), Sands (Night)
Lugia,,, p196_00_1Undersea
Ho-oh,,, p198_00_1Volcano
Celebi,,, p200_00_1Forest


Generation III Pokémon

Torchic,,, p005_00_1Sands (Day)
Swampert,,, p131_00_1Jungle (Night)
Mightyena,,, p155_00_1Snowfields (Day), Snowfields (Night)
Wurmple,,, p016_00_1Park (Day)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Beautifly,,, p014_00_1Jungle (Day)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Lotad,,, p197_00_1Forest, Belusylva Island (Illumina Spot)
Shiftry,,, p199_00_1Forest
Taillow,,, p081_00_1Park (Day)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Wingull,,, p023_00_1Beach (Day), Reef (Day), Reef (Evening)
Pelipper,,, p082_00_1Reef (Day)
Gardevoir,,, p204_00_1Forest
Slaking,,, p053_00_1Jungle (Day), Jungle (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Sableye,,, p046_00_1Cave, Durice Island (Illumina Spot)
Mawile,,, p202_00_1Cave
Sharpedo,,, p054_00_1Reef (Day), Undersea
Wailmer,,, p038_00_1Undersea, Maricopia Islands (Illumina Spot)
Wailord,,, p037_00_1Reef (Day), Maricopia Islands (Illumina Spot)
Torkoal,,, p203_00_1Volcano
Trapinch,,, p129_00_1Sands (Day), Sands (Night)
Flygon,,, p036_00_1Sands (Day), Sands (Night)
Cacnea,,, p055_00_1Sands (Day), Sands (Night)
Altaria,,, p207_00_1Volcano
Zangoose,,, p083_00_1Beach (Night)
Seviper,,, p085_00_1Beach (Night)
Cradily,,, p209_00_1Undersea
Milotic,,, p108_00_1Belusylva Island (Illumina Spot)Illumina Pokémon
Kecleon,,, p210_00_1Forest, Belusylva Island (Illumina Spot)
Absol,,, p262_00_1Ruins, Aurus Island (Illumina Spot)
Snorunt,,, p156_00_1Snowfields (Day), Snowfields (Night)
Glalie,,, p157_00_1Snowfields (Day), Cave
Spheal,,, p158_00_1Snowfields (Day), Snowfields (Night)
Clamperl,,, p088_00_1Reef (Evening), Undersea
Luvdisc,,, p047_00_1Undersea, Maricopia Islands (Illumina Spot)
Jirachi,,, p216_00_1Ruins


Generation IV Pokémon

Torterra,,, p087_00_1Park (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Monferno,,, p217_00_1Volcano, Voluca Island (Illumina Spot)
Piplup,,, p159_00_1Snowfields (Day), Snowfields (Night)
Starly,,, p160_00_1Research Camp
Bidoof,,, p032_00_1Park (Day), Park (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Shinx,,, p132_00_1Volcano
Luxray,,, p218_00_1Volcano
Rampardos,,, p219_00_1Cave
Combee,,, p086_00_1Park (Night), Illumina Spot (Florio Island)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Vespiquen,,, p089_00_1Park (Night)Female (♀) only
Drifloon,,, p220_00_1Cave
Drifblim,,, p093_00_1Beach (Night), Reef (Evening)
Hippowodon,,, p022_00_1Sands (Day), Sands (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Skorupi,,, p027_00_1Sands (Day), Sands (Night)
Croagunk,,, p222_00_1Cave
Finneon,,, p056_00_1Beach (Day), Beach (Night), Reef (Day), Undersea, Maricopia Islands (Illumina Spot)
Lumineon,,, p223_00_1Undersea
Abomasnow,,, p161_00_1Snowfields (Day), Snowfields (Night)
Weavile,,, p162_00_1Snowfields (Day), Snowfields (Night)
Tangrowth,,, p091_00_1Park (Day), Park (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Yanmega,,, p057_00_1Jungle (Day), Jungle (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Leafeon,,, p092_00_1Jungle (Day), Jungle (Night)
Glaceon,,, p090_00_1Snowfields (Day), Snowfields (Night)
Swinub,,, p151_00_1Snowfields (Day), Snowfields (Night)
Mamoswine,,, p042_00_1Snowfields (Day), Snowfields (Night)
Froslass,,, p163_00_1Snowfields (Day), Snowfields (Night)
Manaphy,,, p094_00_1Reef (Evening)
Shaymin,,, p095_00_1Park (Day), Park (Night), Illumina Spot (Florio Island)Land forme


Generation V Pokémon

Serperior,,, p228_00_1Belusylva Island (Illumina Spot)
Stoutland,,, p164_00_1Research Camp
Liepard,,, p058_00_1Jungle (Day), Jungle (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Unfezant,,, p230_00_1Forest
Woobat,,, p231_00_1Ruins, Aurus Island (Illumina Spot)
Audino,,, p165_00_1Research Camp
Sigliyph,,, p234_00_1Runis, Aurus Island (Illumina Spot)
Archeops,,, p235_00_1Volcano, Voluca Island (Illumina Spot)
Trubbish,,, p166_00_1Research Camp
Ducklett,,, p017_00_1Park (Day), Park (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Swanna,,, p010_00_1Park (Day), Park (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Vanilluxe,,, p167_00_1Snowfields (Day), Snowfields (Night)
Deerling,,, p263_00_1ForestSpring, Summer, Autumn, Winter variants.
Sawsbuck,,, p044_00_1ForestSpring, Summer, Autumn, Winter variants.
Emolga,,, p019_00_1Park (Day)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Frillish,,, p238_00_1UnderseaMale (♂) and Female (♀)
Alomomola,,, p040_00_1Undersea
Joltik,,, p239_00_1Cave, Durice Island (Illumina Spot)
Beheeyem,,, p242_00_1Runis
Chandelure,,, p026_00_1Runis, Aurus Island (Illumina Spot)
Cubchoo,,, p025_00_1Snowfields (Day), Snowfields(Night)
Beartic,,, p029_00_1Snowfields (Day), Snowfields(Night), Cave
Stunfisk,,, p059_00_1Beach (Day)
Golurk,,, p264_00_1Ruins
Bouffalant,,, p097_00_1Park (Day), Park (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Braviary,,, p168_00_1Cave
Mandibuzz,,, p060_00_1Sands (Day), Sands (Night)
Hydreigon,,, p244_00_1Cave
Volcarona,,, p109_00_1Voluca Island (Illumina Spot)Illumina Pokémon


Generation VI Pokémon

Bunnelby,,, p169_00_1Research Camp
Talonflame,,, p247_00_1Volcano, Voluca Island (Illumina Spot)
Vivillon,,, p034_00_1Research Lab (Tutorial), Park (Day), Jungle (Day), Jungle (Night), Beach (Day), Beach (Night), Reef (Evening), Sands (Day), Sands (Night), Volcano, Snowfields (Day), Snowfields (Night), Forest, Cave, Ruins, Research CampAll 20 standard patterns: archipelago, continental, elegant, fancy, garden, high plains, icy snow, jungle, marine, meadow (pictured), modern, monsoon, ocean, Poké Ball, polar, river, sandstorm, savanna, sun, and tundra.
Florges,,, p061_00_1Park (Day)All 5 color flower variants: red (pictured), yellow, orange, blue, and white.
Pancham,,, p246_00_1Forest
Espurr,,, p249_00_1Forest
Inkay,,, p098_00_1Beach (Night), Reef (Evening), Undersea
Clawitzer,,, p251_00_1Undersea
Heliolisk,,, p138_00_1Sands (Day), Sands (Night)
Tyrantrum,,, p021_00_1Volcano
Aurorus,,, p170_00_1Snowfields (Night)
Sylveon,,, p099_00_1Park (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Dedenne,,, p171_00_1Research Camp
Carbink,,, p045_00_1Cave, Durice Island (Illumina Spot)
Goodra,,, p252_00_1Cave
Trevenant,,, p253_00_1Forest, Belusylvia Island (Illumina Spot)
Pumpkaboo,,, p271_00_1CaveSmall, Average, Large, and Super sizes.
Avalugg,,, p172_00_1Snowfields (Day), Snowfields (Night)
Noibat,,, p020_00_1Cave, Durice Island (Illumina Spot)
Noivern,,, p265_00_1Ruins, Aurus Island (Illumina Spot)
Xerneas,,, p110_00_1Aurus Island (Illumina Spot)Illumina Pokémon
Diancie,,, p254_00_1Cave


Generation VII Pokémon

Primarina,,, p062_00_1Reef (Evening)
Pikipek,,, p028_00_1Jungle (Day), Jungle (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Toucannon,,, p030_00_1Jungle (Day), Jungle (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Crabrawler,,, p063_00_1Beach (Day), Beach (Night)
Crabominable,,, p173_00_1Snowfields (Day), Snowfields (Night)
Cutiefly,,, p174_00_1Research Camp
Lycanroc,,, p064_00_1Sands (Day), Sands (Night)Midday (pictured) and Midnight forms.
Wishiwashi,,, p111_00_1Maricopia Islands (Illumina Spot)Solo (pictured) and School forms. Illumina Pokémon (School form).
Morelull,,, p103_00_1Jungle (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Salandit,,, p256_00_1Ruins
Bewear,,, p257_00_1Forest
Bounsweet,,, p012_00_1Jungle (Day), Jungle (Night)Female (♀) only
Comfey,,, p065_00_1Park (Day), Florio Island (Illumina Spot)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Golisopod,,, p258_00_1Undersea
Sandygast,,, p101_00_1Beach (Night)
Pyukumuku ,,, p066_00_1Beach (Day), Beach (Night), Reef (Day), Undersea
Minior,,, p141_07_1Sands (Night)Meteor (pictured) and Core forms. Core colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.
Drampa,,, p260_00_1Forest


Generation VIII Pokémon

Grookey,,, p112_00_1Park (Day), Park (Night)Male (♂) and Female (♀)
Scorbunny,,, p113_00_1Park (Day), Park (Night)Female (♀)
Sobble,,, p114_00_1Jungle (Day)
Eldegoss,,, p266_00_1Ruins, Aurus Island (Illumina Spot)
Applin,,, p267_00_1Forest
Silicobra,,, p268_00_1Sands (Day), Sands (Night)
Snom,,, p269_00_1Snowfields (Day), Snowfields (Night)
Frosmoth,,, p270_00_1Snowfields (Night)


Images are from the publically released datamine from Matt, Michael, and Kurt.


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