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The next leg of Mario’s journey in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door sees him head towards the gloomy settlement of Twilight Town. Of course, even an area as dark as this still has an assortment of Star Pieces to be found, so it’s time to get collecting!

Chapter 4 Star Piece locations


Starting off the Twilight Town Star Pieces, check behind the right side of the house directly north of the pipe you entered from.



Still in the first area of town, a Star Piece can be found behind a patch of grass to the left of the dying tree on the south side of the area.



In the second half of Twilight town you’ll see two barrels behind a fence next to a dying tree. The next piece is hidden behind the barrels.



As you enter Twilight Trail for the first time your path will be blocked by a fallen tree. Once you have the Tube Mode ability you can progress past it, but check behind this fallen tree for a Star Piece before moving on.



Later on in the Twilight Trail you’ll have to use Flurrie to blow away a large tree to reveal a pipe into the background. Check behind the pipe before using it and you’ll find a Star Piece.



The rest of the Star Pieces for Chapter 4 come from the Creepy Steeple. Roll under the wall to get past the gate and then investigate behind the section of the wall next to the Save Block.



As you enter the Creepy Steeple you will find yourself in a large open room. Look very closely at the back wall towards the left side of the room to find a small opening you can enter with Tube Mode. In this secret room you’ll find a Star Piece hidden behind a barrel in the upper left.



Eventually you’ll find yourself in a room with a staircase that leads to the upper level of the very first room of the Creepy Steeple. There is a loose floor tile on the right side of this room, so Spin Jump next to it for the Star Piece.



After more story events you’ll gain the ability to enter the Creepy Steeple via the well out front. As you do, you’ll end up using Spin Jump to break through a wooden panel. Go all the way to the right after you land to find a Star Piece behind the windows in the next room.



The final Star Piece for Chapter 4 can be found shortly after the previous one. Heading to the left from where you landed from the well will have you enter a room with a parrot. There’s a loose floor panel in the lower-right corner. 


That’s all there is in terms of Star Pieces in Chapter 4! If you’re using this guide to revisit Star Pieces you missed rather than reading it as you progress, be sure to use the newly-added pipe to the Creepy Steeple located in the house next to the item shop. If you’re looking for Chapter 5 Star Pieces next, we have a guide for them as well!


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