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The hunt for more and more Star Pieces in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door continues as Mario makes his way to Glitzville. While Chapter 3 is regarded by some to be tedious, thankfully that isn’t due to its Star Pieces. There are a total of 13 found during this saga of the game, so keep a look out with the help of this guide as you go.

Chapter 3 Star Piece locations

The first Star Piece of Chapter 3 can be found directly south of the hexagonal landing pad in a floor panel.


Head over to the west end of town and check behind a phone booth for this Star Piece.


Over on the east side is a juice bar. Go in and walk around behind the colorful blenders to find the piece.


Hit the blue switch near the juice bar and a staircase to the roof will appear. Head on up and use Koops’ shell to collect the Star Piece hidden under the sign.


Lastly for Glitzville, check the upper-right plant near the staircase leading up to the Glitz Pit.


Once inside the Glitz Pit, check for a hidden floor panel on the right side of the western staircase and Spin Jump near it to reveal the Star Piece.


There is a long intermission between the previous Star Piece and this one. Once you have access to the storage room for the first time you can Spin Jump in the center of the area for another Star Piece hidden under a floor panel.


In the upper level of the storage room you’ll find an area with lots of boxes and a large breakable one. Check behind the L-shaped stack of boxes in the lower-right corner of this room for a Star Piece.


Later on you will find yourself in Grubba’s office for story events. While you’re here, walk behind the potted plant in the lower left and you’ll find a Star Piece.


The next Star Piece is also in Grubba’s office, this one being found in one of the drawers in Grubba’s desk.


The final three Star Pieces in this chapter are found in Rogueport with the help of baby Yoshi. Head first to east Rogueport past the wall Gus guards and Flutter Jump across the gap to the right. Jump up onto the roof and Spin Jump near the barrels to reveal the piece.


Starting from the location of the previous Star Piece, use Flutter Jump to the left this time to get onto the other roof. The Star Piece is located behind the chimney from there.


Wrapping up Chapter 3’s Star Pieces takes you to the sewers via west Rogueport. Flutter Jump to the left from where you land and then enter the pipe to access the platforming challenge in the background. Your reward at the end is the last Star Piece of Chapter 3!


Thankfully as you can tell Chapter 3 was quite a bit more forgiving than Chapter 2 was. The remaining chapters will remain fairly consistent in terms of Star Piece quantity, so just keep collecting as you go! If you’re seeking out Chapter 4’s Star Pieces as well, have a look at our guide on the matter when you’re ready!


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