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As Mario’s adventure takes him into Boggly Woods, the total Star Piece count skyrockets. If you’ve collected every Star Piece in the Prologue and Chapter 1, you will have 21 total. Chapter 2 alone will more than double that number, with there being 25 new Star Pieces available in this section. Time to start collecting!

Chapter 2 Star Piece locations

The first Star Piece of Boggly Woods is found in the area with a tall tree with an airplane platform on it. Go past it to the east and walk into the bush to go up the stairs within it towards the back. Walk along the platform made of stumps all the way back to the left for this piece.


When you enter the area that leads to Madame Flurrie’s house, there will be three trees towards the west side where you arrived from. Hit the rightmost of these three with your hammer for a Star Piece.


In the same screen as the previous Star Piece, get to the pipe that leads into the background but instead of entering it immediately, check behind the fence a bit to the left of it.


Moving into the Great Tree, the first Star Piece to be found here is in the room that consists of a narrow back-and-forth path. Fall down and check the bush to the right of the Save Block.


Eventually you’ll arrive in a room with a large black stump with a pipe on it that you can’t reach quite yet. Walk behind the long pipe that you can reach towards the left of the room to find the hidden Star Piece.


Carry on until you find four pedestals with symbols on them and a switch. Much like the previous piece, this one can be found behind the long pipe here.


As you are trying to escape from the tree you will come across a fairly inconspicuous room that just has a pipe and a door you need to unlock with a terminal. Before you leave, grab the Star Piece in the southwesternmost bush.


Now the fun part begins: backtracking to find floor panels. Still in the Great Tree, go back to the room with the platform that required 10 Punies to make the pipe appear. Spin Jump near the rightmost pipe for a Star Piece under a floor panel.


Lastly for the Great Tree, return to the upper floor with the red and blue cages and Spin Jump to find a floor panel in the blue cage.


Return to Madame Flurrie’s house in Boggly Woods and enter her bedroom. There is a floor panel in the southeast corner of the room with a Star Piece under it.


That’s the last of the Star Pieces in the area, so head back to Rogueport Sewers. In the room with the pipe to Boggly Woods, Spin Jump in the middle for another floor panel.


Go back to the room with the black chest where you got cursed with airplane mode to find a floor panel in front of the chest.


Head back up to the first room of the sewers with the pipe that connects to east Rogueport. In the area where the two staircases descend down you can Spin Jump for another Star Piece.


In the Thousand-Year Door room, go directly south of the central pedestal and past the fallen pillar for a floor panel to Spin Jump on.


Once you get sent back to Professor Frankly’s house, Spin Jump just outside of his door to get the next piece.


Just south of the gallows in the center of Rogueport is another floor panel.


South of the previous piece is Rogueport harbor, which has another Star Piece hidden under a floor panel to the left of the large staircase. 


Next up is the alley north of central Rogueport; this time, head to the right to find a lone Goomba with a floor panel behind and to the right of him.


On to west Rogueport, the first one is under a floor panel directly in front of the Pianta Parlor.


Lastly in Rogueport (for now) is one in the train station north of west Rogueport. Go all the way to the left and Spin Jump next to an orange Toad. There is one more Star Piece here, but you’ll need the blimp ticket for it so we’ll come back to it later.


Return to west Rogueport and fall down into the sewers via the grate. Head east to the city section and then take the moving platform up and enter the house on the left. Spin Jump near the table here for a Star Piece.


Now comes the tedious backtracking part. You’ll need to return to Hooktail Castle, and the fastest way to do so is to take the pipe in the sewers to Petal Meadows. Head into the castle until you reach the room where you fought the Red Bones. Use ZR to get through the bars towards the left side and in the leftmost cell is a floor panel containing a Star Piece.


From here you’ll want to head to Petalburg. It’s probably quickest to just go there on foot from Petal Meadows, but alternatively you can return to the sewers and use the fast-travel room. Either way, go to the left half of town and Spin Jump near the Bub-ulb for the Star Piece.


Next you can head to the right half of Petalburg and find a floor panel just south of the eastern gate.


Finally comes the last Star Piece for this chapter. As alluded to before, you will need to first get the blimp ticket from Don Pianta. Once you do you can return to the train station, speak with the Cheep-Cheep and gain access to the pipe leading to the background. Go past it to the right and Spin Jump for one final floor panel Star Piece before moving on.


Congratulations on making it through all of Chapter 2! Feel free to redeem your new surplus of Star Pieces for some nice Badges when you find time. The rest of the chapters in the game will be a lot lighter in terms of the quantity of Star Pieces, so it’ll be smoother sailing from here on. If you’re interested in collecting all of the Chapter 3 Star Pieces as well, we’ve got a guide for that too!

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