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With the Prologue wrapped up, Mario’s adventure can truly begin. Chapter 1 of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is the first full-length story arc of the game, and as is to be expected, features significantly more Star Pieces as a result. While the Prologue only had six, Chapter 1 has a total of 15 that can be obtained as you progress.

Chapter 1 Star Piece locations


As the chapter begins you will emerge from a pipe in Petal Meadows next to a Save Block and two trees. Hit the leftmost tree with your hammer to make a Star Piece fall out.


Later on you will have to enter the background to hit a blue switch to build a bridge. After the bridge is built, head further right before leaving to find a Star Piece in the background.


The next piece can be found on the way to Shhwonk Fortress; immediately after exiting Petalburg to the east you can get a Star Piece from the very first bush of the area.


Hooktail Castle is the next destination for Star Pieces. In the large open room with the yellow and purple switches, hit the purple switch to lower the block so you can jump up and destroy the box above the yellow block. Then, hold down Koops’ shell to hit the yellow switch as you are standing on the yellow box to carry you up. From there it’s just a quick jump to the left onto a ledge to get the Star Piece.


In the same room as the previous Star Piece, hold down Koops to hit the purple switch as you are standing on the purple block this time. It will lift you up and let you enter a small doorway on the right to a small balcony with a Star Piece.


When you arrive at the room where you have to hit two blue switches to create a path, after the second one you should jump into the open window and walk to the right for this piece.


The final Star Piece in Hooktail Castle is on the third floor where you have to walk on narrow railings near the ceiling to reach an airplane platform. Instead of taking the platform, go past it and onto the railing behind it and then carefully head east to collect the Star Piece.


The rest of the Star pieces for this chapter are scattered across Rogueport and the sewers. Before anything else, head down to the Thousand-Year Door room. Slip through the bars with ZR, use the spring, and then glide to the other side as an airplane. Enter the doorway you land near and check behind the stairs to find this Star Piece, after which you can go back and interact with the Thousand-Year Door.


Back in east Rogueport, you’ll need to get past Gus who is guarding the way. You can either pay him or defeat him, but after you do you should use ZR to slip between the two houses. The Star Piece is behind the barrel after you emerge.


The contact lens for Zess T. is available at the store at this point, so you can enter the western portion of Rogueport. As soon as you enter the area, look behind the wall immediately south of you.


The next Star Piece is directly behind the tall pipe near the fountain area.


Next, go all the way to the left of the area and there is a Star Piece behind a trash can.


Now you should re-enter the sewers, so use ZR to enter the sewer grate in west Rogueport. Head east across the floating platforms and enter the doorway to find an underground city area. The Star Piece is right behind the first column you see towards the back.


Head further right into the city section and you’ll find an assortment of broken pillars near the southeast end of the area. Check behind the fallen piece directly north of the tallest standing pillar for the Star Piece.


Lastly, return to the first room when you fell through the grate and check behind the bend in the wide L-shaped platform you initially landed on for the last piece of Chapter 1!


If you haven’t spent any Star Pieces yet your total should now be 21. Before carrying on, feel free to go and pick up a couple nice accessories with your newfound gains. If you’re looking to keep on collecting, then feel free to check out our Chapter 2 guide next!

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