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The story of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door continues with our mustachioed protagonist heading to Keelhaul Key in search of treasure. While the main goal is of course the Crystal Star, there are also plenty of Star Pieces to be found along the way! There are no Star Pieces to be found during the initial Rogueport section, so this guide will begin with the party’s arrival on Keelhaul Key. 

Chapter 5 Star Piece locations

Before heading over to the settlement, check along the right wall of this area north of the east exit to find a floor panel with a Star Piece under it. 


Once you arrive in the village proper, walk down into the water directly south of the item shop and you’ll see a Star Piece out in the open.


Just below the inn near the east exit of the area is a rocky section with a Star Piece hidden behind it.


After exiting the camp to the east, hit the first bush of this area with your hammer to reveal a Star Piece.


When you come across a section built around platforming across narrow ledges with baby Yoshi, there is a sneaky Star Piece hidden behind a foreground root down below.


To the right of where you find Admiral Bobbery is a pool of water you can walk in. In the lower-left of the water is a Star Piece behind a fern in the foreground. 


Head into Pirate’s Grotto until you reach an open area with water. The Star Piece is sitting on a platform next to some sunken ships.


After throwing Bobbery up to hit a switch, there is a floor panel right next to the entrance you emerge from in the next room containing a Star Piece.


Once you reach the storage room full of barrels, hold down Koops’ Shell to hit the switch such that you can ride up the moving platform. Jump onto the box once you are able and wait for it to rise back up so you can get on top of the case of barrels to the left. Now head all the way down to an open barrel at the end with a Star Piece inside.


The final Star Piece of Pirate’s Grotto can be found in the room unlocked using the key found in the storage room. It’s hidden under a floor panel in the center of the room, so you may have to get rid of the Parabuzzies here first if they keep attacking you while you try to Spin Jump.


Upon returning to Rogueport, it is now possible to get the final Star Piece of Chapter 5. Go all the way to the right in the harbor to find a boat panel. Take it and travel all the way around and to the west to discover a small alcove with a TV and other miscellaneous objects. The Star Piece you’re looking for is hidden along the right wall.


With that, Chapter 5’s Star Pieces are all yours! If you’ve been following along up to this point, your total will be 80 Star Pieces. The final goal of 100 is within sight, and within the next two chapters they’ll all be available. Head over to our Chapter 6 Star Pieces guide next whenever you’re feeling ready!

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