Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light

  • Console: Nintendo Switch (Console Exclusive)
  • Availability: Digital (eShop) exclusive (limited release)
  • Genre: JRPG
  • North American Release Date: December 4th, 2020
  • Japanese Release Date: December 4th, 2020
  • European Release Date: December 4th, 2020
  • ESRB Rating: E
  • Supported Play Modes: TV, Tabletop, Handheld
  • No. of Players: 1 player
  • Nintendo Switch Online Support: Save Data Cloud
  • File Size: 30 MB
  • amiibo Compatibility?: No
  • Demo Available?: No
  • Developers: Intelligent Systems, Nintendo


Play the Famicom classic that started the Fire Emblem legacy—localized for the first time! 

Meet Marth and recruit some of the most beloved Fire Emblem characters in their 8-bit glory as you play through all 25 chapters of this classic Famicom tactical role-playing game, localized and released for the first time in North America—for a limited time.

Special Editions

Anniversary Edition



  • Deluxe art book
  • Replica game box
  • Instruction booklet
  • Map
  • Replica Famicom Game Pak art piece
  • Game sleeve
  • Digital code download
  • Mini Nintendo Power collectible

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