New amphitheater map revealed for Splatoon 2

Author: Ricky Berg
Categories: News, Switch

The Switch is just a little over a week away and while I’ll be playing Breath of the Wild plenty it’s the wait for Splatoon 2 this summer that’s really going to take some patience. The Japanese Twitter account for Splatoon seems to get this (or is directly causing it),…

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Alan Stone, co-founder of Nintendo of America, passes away

Categories: News

The obituary for Alan Stone, co-founder of Nintendo of America and CEO of Sega Enterprises (now known as Sega Entertainment), has officially been published. Stone, an industry veteran who was an integral part in Nintendo’s coin-op game era, passed away just on Friday from cancer. Stone hadn’t been a part…

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First 4 Figures Silver the Hedgehog announced

Author: Logan Plant
Categories: Merchandise, News

It’s no use pretending you don’t love this brand new Silver the Hedgehog statue from First 4 Figures. The new pose of everyone’s favorite time traveling hedgehog features Silver using his psychokinetic powers to bend metal bars to create a way forward, as seen countless times in the legendary Sonic…

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All Breath of the Wild amiibo detailed

Author: Jason Ganos
Categories: Amiibo News, News, Switch, Wii U

GameXplain has released a video showcasing all of the amiibo boxes, giving us our first view of what each amiibo will do in-game.     The Guardian The Guardian amiibo unlocks a score of rare weapons and items, including what is being dubbed as “anti-Guardian arrows.” Bokoblin The Bokoblin amiibo…

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Badge Arcade News: 2/21/17

Categories: 3DS

It’s national Zelda day today, and you know what that means – more Kirby badges of course! Nab some monochromatic baddies before they boogie back to Planet Popstar in a couple days. Remember, brand new Kirby badges float into the Badge Arcade this week, heavily inspired by Kirby’s Dream Land…

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