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Attendees at Universal Studios’ “No Limit! Summer Splash Parade” in Japan were treated to a royally impressive tribute to one of the Mario series’ lesser seen characters, Princess Daisy. X user @minnie__HKDL captured a photo of Her Majesty’s mascot in her signature yellow go-kart, with iconic Mario Kart items including Bananas, Lightning and Coins attached to her float.



A video by YouTube user NAGARO shows the parade in action, with footage showing Daisy and her fellow racers Yoshi, Luigi, and Mario. The Mario Kart segment can be seen from the 6:22 mark and, while she’s not racing this time around, you can also catch the Princess Peach mascot waving at the crowd from the back of the final float.



Pokémon fans will want to keep watching for the segment that immediately follows, which features a dancing Pikachu mascot, a smoking Charizard statue, a flying Gyarados, and more. Since this is a Universal Studios parade, other franchises seen in the video include Hello Kitty, Minions, Sesame Street, and Peanuts.

Mario and Pokémon are seemingly a tradition at No Limit! Parades, with characters from both series also appearing in the 2022 and 2023 iterations. You can see more glimpses of the mascots and floats in the current parade’s commercial below.




The No Limit! Summer Splash Parade 2024 will run until September 1st.

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Written by Reece Heather

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