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Nintendo is continuing to update Nintendo Switch Online with classic titles by alternating the platforms it adds to each month. You may recall that at the end of April, we received two N64 titles, those being Extreme-G and Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls. 

For the month of May, Game Boy is the focus this time with three well-known titles to check out: classic handheld platformer Super Mario Land, the Breakout-esque Alleyway and the self-explanatory Baseball. All three titles are available now on Game Boy app through Nintendo Switch Online.

It’s particularly nice to see that both Super Mario Land titles are now playable on Nintendo Switch. Land is home to two of the more obscure Mario platformers and both are good fun in their own rights. 

What do you think Nintendo will add to Nintendo Switch Online next?

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Written by Matthew Powers

Nintendo has been Matthew’s preference for fun video gaming since 2004. In addition to his love for all things Mario, Metroid and beyond, Matthew also enjoys heavy metal, roller coasters, pinball machines, and being a proud cat dad.