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Double Dagger Studios’ Little Kitty, Big City clawed its way into Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase this morning. This open world adventure appears to be like a combination of Stray, another cat-centric adventure title, and Untitled Goose Game’s wacky objective-based antics. And thanks to a new trailer we know the game is arriving very soon.



The trailer revealed that the game is exploration-heavy with an emphasis on referring to a mission checklist. This checklist looks like it can be completed in any order, lending Little Kitty, Big City a freeform feel. A press release for the game describes it as such:

“A peaceful catnap turns into a whimsical journey as you take the role of a curious kitten on an adorable adventure to find your way back home. There’s plenty to do along the way: explore the vibrant city, complete quests, lend a helping paw to other animals in hairy situations, and make friends with chatty strays. You can also wear over 40 delightful hats while causing a total ruckus in a bite-sized open-world playground filled with surprises. Little Kitty, Big City releases on Nintendo Switch on May 9. Pre-orders begin later today in Nintendo eShop.”


That’s right, May 9th is the day cat lovers can let their inner feline run wild. The game looks absolutely adorable and has a winning combo of cuteness and mischief. Judging from the footage we’ve been shown today alone, the game looks to perfectly capture the essence of being a small cat in a big world.



We can’t wait for Little Kitty, Big City to pounce onto Nintendo Switch on May 9th. Will you (or your cat) be playing?

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Written by Matthew Powers

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