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Nintendo is currently pursuing a new method for encouraging player engagement on their titles. As started with the Super Mario World icons on the Nintendo Switch Online app, platinum points that can be redeemed for game-specific icons are received for playing that game. This trend is continuing with Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island.



Yes, what has started as an abrupt change in platinum point collection methods is apparently here to stay. Beginning today, if you play Yoshi’s Island on SNES through Nintendo Switch Online, you’ll be able to redeem platinum points for Yoshi’s Island icons. The first batch of these icons, a selection of 5, is available now. These icons will switch out weekly for a new batch of Yoshi’s Island icons.

The idea is easy enough to grasp. It’s nice that Nintendo is rewarding its players for playing some older titles. It would be cool if this trend extends to any game you play on Nintendo Switch Online, whether it’s a SNES, N64, GBA, etc title. This way players would be able to showcase their love for specific and potentially obscure titles. We did just see Earthbound icons, after all. But don’t get us started on the Mother 3 icons!

It remains to be seen if old icons will be rotated back through with this new collection method. Either way, this idea of playing a game to earn its icons is a decision that both makes sense and is a bit baffling.

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Written by Matthew Powers

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