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Nintendo fans are surely wondering what stroke of luck they’ve hit the last few years. Not only has Nintendo acknowledged that F-Zero still EXISTS, they’ve now brought three F-Zero games to the Nintendo Switch with a fourth incoming. That fourth game is none other than 2001’s portable F-Zero title, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity on Game Boy Advance and it’s arriving sooner than you think.

F-Zero: Maximum Velocity is coming to the Game Boy Advance app of Nintendo Switch Online’s Expansion Pak this Friday March 29th. The gameplay is similar to that of the original SNES F-Zero albeit a bit more graphically advanced thanks to early 2000s technology. Notably, it is the last Game Boy Advance title of the title that have been previously confirmed to be coming to Nintendo Switch Online. These titles were announced in a February 2023 Nintendo Direct.



In addition to F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, F-Zero 99 is receiving a significant content update which is arriving tomorrow Wednesday March 27th. This update will add a Mirror Grand Prix, Mirror tracks for the Knight Cup and a Classic Mini Prix. In addition to this, the game is adding some nice quality of life updates as well. These additions include a Steering Assist (because Nintendo clearly knows F-Zero is a hard game), a Recommended Challenges feature that informs you what you should take on next and an expanded Practice Mode. Finally, a Timed Challenges feature that adds limited time in-game rewards upon completion will be available and, most notably, an Achievements system!



F-Zero 99 has found itself with increasingly long legs and it’s been awesome to see Nintendo’s efforts in keeping it sustainable and alive. We can look forward to more Mirror Tracks in the future for the King League and Queen League too. It sounds like there are still plenty of updates and new content to anticipate in the game.

If you’re an F-Zero fan, you’re eating good this week. Are you excited for more F-Zero acknowledgement?

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Written by Matthew Powers

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