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With only a few months left until the release of the Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door remake, Nintendo is now ramping up its marketing campaign with some cool incentives for those who pre-order. While this current offer is limited to England and Italy, anyone on the other side of the pond can nab some keychains to go along with their physical copy of TTYD. There is also a nifty-looking battle stage diorama bundle you can grab, which is clearly the main attraction.


Thousand-Year Door Buildable Battle Stage


Thousand-Year Door Keychains


The keychains we recently saw available in France are now also on offer  in Europe. The options include the following: Mario, Goombetta, and Mini Yoshi. Those will be available regardless of whether or not you buy the battle stage bundle. The battle stage bundle comes with a replica of the battle screen seen throughout TTYD. While it doesn’t recreate any specific fight from the campaign, it does feature a solid selection of enemies that Mario will wind up facing throughout the course of his adventure.



What’s to expect from Paper Mario?


For those unaware of what The Thousand-Year Door is all about, battles in the RPG take place on a theatrical stage. Mario and his party are to the left while the enemies stand on the right side of the screen. An audience will cheer and jump up when you make timed hits correctly or will jeer when enemies hit you. It’s captivating and a fun way to play into the paper aesthetic that the game has.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door will be available on May 23, 2024, for Nintendo Switch. The European and Italian versions come with an English language option, so you can safely import this bundle if you really need that battle stage.


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