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These past couple months have been very busy for the Mother community. Between EarthBound’s 30th anniversary and Mother 3 arriving on Nintendo Switch Online, there’s been a lot more to talk about than usual. That being said, a lot of what there is to talk about is the fact that yet again Mother 3 has not arrived in the West; both the Nintendo Switch Online version of the game and even the profile icons are still unavailable outside of Japan. At least Mother 3 has received some modern attention from all of this, though! Just yesterday, in fact, an interview with the creator of the game Shigesato Itoi was published online.

The interview consists of two videos, both of which are unsurprisingly only available in Japanese. As of now there’s no translation available for the interviews (doesn’t that sound familiar?), but it’s pretty likely that sooner or later the Mother fanbase will translate it for others to read. Given how things have historically gone, it seems unlikely that there will be any suggestions of a localization of the game, but who’s to say. The website the interviews were published on included a note as well, which appears to be a heartfelt message about Itoi’s love for Mother 3. 




Let’s keep the hope alive for Mother 3


In light of all of this news, it’s easy to get discouraged if you’re one of many fans holding out for an official localization of Mother 3. The good news is, this is the most attention the game has received in a long time, and the fanbase’s outcries are louder than ever. Even if nothing comes of this, you can at least fill the Mother 3-shaped hole in your heart with the plush set releasing in May, of which the Claus and Lucas plushies were shown off in the aforementioned interview.



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Written by Abbie Maxwell

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