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The new year is finally here, and with it will undoubtedly come plenty of new treats in store for video game fans all around the world. Between new game releases, information, merchandise, and anything else, it’s an exciting time to speculate. In particular, fans of the classic Super NES title EarthBound have extra reason to be excited going into this new year.

2024 officially marks the 30th anniversary of Earthbound, first releasing in Japan on August 27th, 1994. In a tweet by the official Mother series Twitter account, they announced that there are plans of celebration in store for this year. What they will end up being is unknown as of now, but regardless, if you’re a fan of Ness and his friends, keep your eyes peeled for more news!



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Written by Abbie Maxwell

Lifelong Nintendo fangirl, Abbie holds a special place in her heart for video games. She has always strived to provide tips and tricks to make the experiences of those who share her passions that much better.