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In a bit of a surprise this morning, the well-regarded retro RPG Octopath Traveler has been delisted from the Nintendo eShop. Released by Square Enix six years ago as initially a Nintendo Switch exclusive, the game garnered praise for its beautiful visuals and throwback gameplay mechanics. Nintendo even published the title on the Switch, giving its full support to marketing.

For whatever reason, the game is no longer available for purchase on the eShop. Some have noted that starting today, the publisher on the eShop page changed from Nintendo to Square Enix. That could potentially be part of the reason for this spontaneous disappearance. There could also possibly be a bundle coming with both Octopath Traveler and its sequel or Nintendo may have temporarily delisted the game to remove it from its voucher list (where you can get digital games at 50% off when bought in bulk). We don’t have a definitive answer.



How to play Octopath Traveler after the Switch eShop’s delisting


Thankfully, Octopath Traveler was given a physical release on the console and you can still buy digital codes from certain retailers (such as Walmart). The game is also readily available on PC and Xbox One with the sequel being available on pretty much everything. If you have a Japanese Nintendo Switch Online account, you can also still purchase Octopath Traveler from the JP eShop. This version includes English as a selectable language option, too.



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