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It finally happened. During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase they finally acknowledged Mother 3 and added it to the Nintendo Switch Online library. Of course, they only actually did so in Japan; the overseas versions of the Direct completely omitted mention of it. On the bright side at least, in celebration of the complete Mother series being available on the Nintendo Switch (in Japan) new icons for the series are coming to Nintendo Switch Online!


When will the icons be available?


As of now, a handful of EarthBound Beginnings icons are up. As seen in an article published on the Japanese Nintendo website, the icons for each game will be available for a week. The EarthBound icons will be available on the 29th (28th in the US), and the Mother 3 icons on March 7th (6th in the US). That’s if the Mother 3 icons are available outside of Japan at all though – but one can hope they will be.




If you’re a fan of any of these games, be sure to pick up some fun icons while you can! It is unclear whether or not any of these will ever be available again once this run is over. It’s certainly possible they could feature in future re-runs, but don’t count on it. If you’re still bummed out that Mother 3 won’t be available outside of Japan, you can at least ease the sting with the plush set coming this following May.


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Written by Abbie Maxwell

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