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Wow, we definitely weren’t expecting this! In this morning’s Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase, Penny’s Big Breakaway is not only featured, it’s available to download from the Nintendo Switch eShop right now!



Penny’s Big Breakaway was first revealed in a Nintendo Direct last June and, from the start, looked very promising with its Yo-Yo centric movement abilities, its focus on momentum, and its unique traversal mechanics. Up until now we had only seen short gameplay trailers and the game’s animated intro, but that’s was still enough to get us excited.


Penny’s Big Breakaway vs. Sonic


If you’re a fan of Sonic Mania, specifically Christian Whitehead’s work, you’ll want to give Penny’s Big Breakaway a shot. Evening Star looks to have created a vibrant, upbeat and, most importantly, COOL adventure that both throws back to the days of an underrated 3D platformer like Billy Hatcher & The Giant Egg and the original Sonic Adventure. It really gives off that ’90s ‘tude in the best way.

If you’re ready to roll in Penny’s Big Breakway, the game is available to purchase right now on the Nintendo Switch eShop, as well as all other platforms, for $29.99.


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Written by Matthew Powers

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