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The Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase was full of surprises and names we weren’t expecting. One of those was Disney’s Epic Mickey returning from its debut on the Wii! The Fantasia music heard at the start of the trailer was unmistakable. 


What is Epic Mickey: Rebrushed?


Epic Mickey: Rebrushed is an enhanced port of the original Epic Mickey that launched on the Nintendo Wii back in 2010. It was, for its time, an ambitiously dark 3D platforming adventure that utilized a paint and thinner mechanic which allowed you to fill in or erase certain parts of the world as well as enemies. In it, you played as Mickey Mouse who has accidentally negatively affected an entire fantasy world by spilling paint thinner onto a magical blueprint of the world. 

The game is known for allowing the player to lean more towards Mickey’s well-known good or more mischievous side depending on the decisions made while playing. It also took place in a twisted, warped version of a Disney theme park with an art style that is slightly unsettling. The idea of seeing the normally cheerful Mickey Mouse in this broken down world is quite the juxtaposition. It made for a compelling concept the likes of which Disney nor Nintendo themselves had seen at the time. 



When does Epic Mickey: Rebrushed release?


We’re excited to jump back in to Disney’s Epic Mickey when Epic Mickey: Rebrushed launches on Nintendo Switch later in 2024.


Epic Mickey: Rebrushed image gallery



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