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We’re now almost two months into 2024, and the itch among the Nintendo fanbase for something new is greater than ever. Many have been speculating that this quiet period of time has been leading up to the announcement of a new console. Given that the Nintendo Switch is approaching 7 years old, it isn’t unreasonable to expect that whatever is coming next is in the works. However, according to a handful of sources, the next system may not actually arrive until early 2025.

Many of the most recent sources have indicated that the Switch 2’s release is now expected to happen in the first quarter of 2025. Brazilian journalist Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe stated that five separate sources told him that they are developing games to release early next year as launch titles. In addition, VGC have reported that Nintendo experienced an internal delay, and that they were initially planning for late 2024. According to the article, this delay may have been to allow developers more time to prepare the launch titles for the new console.

Rumor: Nintendo set for a March reveal for Nintendo Switch 2

Last week during an earnings meeting the president of Nintendo stated that the Nintendo Switch would remain as Nintendo’s main business going into 2024. He declined to touch on any plans the company has for the system that will succeed the Switch. The full plans for the upcoming year will be revealed during Nintendo’s next earnings briefing this coming May. That being said, we may still receive news for upcoming titles earlier than that.

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